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Re: pIqaD IS written from center out

>As the characters appear, they appear in the 
>center first and spread out to each side. 
>That is the beginning, middle and end of the idea that it should 
>be written from the middle outward. Okuda says there can never 
>be any correlation between the romanized Klingon alphabet and 
>the pIqaD he uses. 

>> Okrand: "Klingon goes from the center outward.."
>> Lee: "So Klingon goes from the center outwards?
>> Okrand: "Yes. Sometimes when you see writing on the screen, you'll see it 
>> start in the center and go outward."

Daj, 'ach chay' laDlu' 'ej chay' ghItlhlu'?
botlhDaq taghlu', ghIq nuq?
Dop ghoSlu' ghIq latlh Dop ghoSlu'
Dop wa'DIch, latlh Dop, Dop wa'DIch, latlh Dop ... botlhvo' ghoSlu'
teHchugh  Dop wa'DIch yIngu'; poS nIH ghap


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