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Re: pIqaD IS written from center out

In Star Trek, The Movie (ST1) we see pIqaD on visual displays 
for the first time. As the characters appear, they appear in the 
center first and spread out to each side. Okuda did this, 
deciding that he thought it should be written from the center 
outward. Just to be weird.

That is the beginning, middle and end of the idea that it should 
be written from the middle outward. Okuda says there can never 
be any correlation between the romanized Klingon alphabet and 
the pIqaD he uses. 

qoHvam vIvuvHa'. pIqaD vIlo'laH 'ej mumevlaHbe' toDSaHvam.


On Mon, 25 Oct 1999 12:31:08 EST Klingon Honour 
<> wrote:

> >From: Pillow <>
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> >Subject: HolQeD Dec '92
> >Date: Tue, 19 Oct 1999 14:03:46 -0800
> Pillow: On page 17 of HolQeD Vol 1, Number 4 ; the Great Palindrome Contest 
> the text mentions that the pIqaD is written from the center outward.
> Is there any other canon source describing this? Any descriptions or 
> examples to study?
> Is this opinion, hypothesis or accepted by the KLI as the only correct usage 
> concerning pIqaD glyph substitution for romanized tlhIngan Hol?
> Satlho' for any insights to my query.
> Ms. Pillow / pIl'o' tai-GowRon
> ----------------------------------------------
> >David: There's no CANON source that states this (at least, AFAIK). IMHO, 
> >pIqaD it written with lines centered simply for visual effect. "Normal" 
> >writtings (whatever those are) are probably done from the left-hand margin.
> In short, we don't know exactly HOW pIqaD is written.
> quljIb
> ------------------------------------------------
> ngghoy: Actually Pillow, David's response wasn't exactly true. In fact we DO 
> know "how" the pIqaD is written. There IS an interview with Okrand by Jeff 
> Lee in the very first HolQeD where the pIqaD is mentioned (Vol.1, No.1, pg. 
> 11).
> Just in case you don't have a copy, here is the "relevant" dialogue in 
> regard to your questions:
> Okrand: "Klingon goes from the center outward.."
> Lee: "So Klingon goes from the center outwards?
> Okrand: "Yes. Sometimes when you see writing on the screen, you'll see it 
> start in the center and go outward."
> So here you have another Canon source which describes and thus confirms that 
> the pIqaD is indeed written from the center out. In addition, since it is 
> stated by Okrand himself, it would naturally follow that this is the 
> accepted usage by the KLI.
> As for examples to study, maybe you should follow "the writing on the 
> screen". However, where this occurs, I do not know.
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