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deciphering taHjaj wo', is this correct?

may the empire endure                                                           
                        may the empire endure                                 
                                 and may our emperor endure                   
                                 because we serve him                         
                                   so may he honors us                        
                                           it's our great empire              
                                                and if anybody disagrees      
                                                   then we'll #%&*@+ stomp 
them flat under our boots!                                                    
                                                               may endure     
the empire endure and may we endure!                                    may 
our enemies suffer;may they die!                                    we serve  
know that we serve undoubtedly, know that!                                   
our excellent emperor is clever and fair!                                  
great empire                                                                  
            our great empire,good home,will never collapse                    
        if disagree                                                           
                    if anyone is undoubtedly foolish to disagree!             
                  we'll #%&*@+ stomp them under our boots!                    
                       we don't need to eat,we don't need to drink,and if we 
are lucky,we don't need to breath                                             
                          we only need to serve the mighty Klingon empire     
                   in great battles,in great wars,and always in great 
victories                   we achieve success and honor and we proclaim the 
Klingon Empire is superior                                                    
                          we are ready to serve,we can fight,if necessary we 
are willing to die but because we are likely to kill the enemy first don't 
expect to die well                                                            
                            so may the empire endure,so may the empire 
endure,from the Klingon home world to the edge of the universe                
                    may the Klingon Empire endure!                            
                  comments from anyone would be appreciated .                 

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