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Re: Qor Hayqu' [KLBC]

ja' taj'IH:
>Therefore, a different metaphor (daytime) is used to hint at youth and old
>age. Is there no word for evening?

Consider {choS} "twilight".

>The expression "lost it's tang" = jejHa' pach means "the claw is dull"
>(KGT), or "the food tastes dull". Here I also allude to an old man having
>lost his cutting edge...

Dunqu'.  DojneS mu'lIj.  You have expertly crafted a novel metaphor.

>This haiku turned out rather deep (a bit Japanese), I hope the gentle
>reader still can follow {{:-) . Therefore, I decided to give this one a real

Japanese culture does seem to mesh at times with what we know of Klingon
culture.  That might just be coincidence, though.

-- ghunchu'wI' 'utlh

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