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RE: KLBC: way

jatlh Clayton Cardoso:
> How can I express the idea of WAY?

You've just come up with three *seperate* ideas for the same word. I'll give
you my suggestions for each one:

> The Klingon WAY.
tlhIngan tIgh - Klingon customs

> This WAY is long and full of holes.
tIq He 'ej Sabpu' - The path is long and has decayed

> Don't do it this WAY.
mIwvam yIlo'Qo' - Don't use this process

"Way" is one of those fuzzy abstract nouns in English that has way too many
meanings for its own good. It's a good example of why translating single
words out of context is not a productive activity.

Beginners' Grammarian

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