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Re: KLBC: way

>Date: Wed, 20 Oct 1999 16:24:59 -0700 (PDT)
>From: =?iso-8859-1?q?Clayton=20Cardoso?= <>
>How can I express the idea of WAY?
>The Klingon WAY. This WAY is long and full of holes.
>Don't do it this WAY.

I see at least three different meanings here, which English is pleased to
conflate to one word... but that doesn't mean everyone else has to.

The Klingon WAY... what does this "way" mean?  The way Klingons do things?
If so, it's like the third one, and you could try {mIw}/method.  I think
the book of the same name uses {tIgh}/custom, which makes better sense in

This WAY is long and full of holes.  That's a reference to a path, a
route.  The word for that is {He}.  Blah, we don't have a word for "hole";
I'll use {jorwI'}/explosive, implying landmines (no, not {tlhIlHal}; the other
words based on that root imply it means "mine" in the sense of a place
where you dig minerals ({tlhIl}) out of the ground).  {tIq Hevam 'ej pa'
jorwI' tu'lu'}.

Don't do it this WAY.  This is a reference to a method.  {mIw} is your word
this time.  Probably something like {mIwvam yIlo'Qo'} or {mIwvam yIpabQo'}.

Woops, just realized this was KLBC.  Well, pagh's been a bit swamped, and I
am still Grammarian...


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