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Re: Eternal Life...

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Subject: Re: Eternal Life...

> Someone on another newsgroup explained Qotor's(?)(the
> ferryman on
> the barge of the dead) punishment as being analogous to
> Christ's. I
> find this rather bizarre. I mean if he killed the gods, then
> who was
> punishing him? And if the death of the gods was a good
> thing, why was
> he punished? What was his sin? Or did B'elenna get a few
> things mixed
> up between her mother's and father's religion?

Worf and Jadzia were married in a ceremony where Worf played the part of
this god-killer guy.  Apparently, he's important enough to base a ceremony
around.  Obviously, the metaphor is a lot deeper that we first thought, with
the killer's eternal punishment of ferrying the damned souls around being
analogous to the torture of married life to come.

Yeah, pretty glorious, until the NAGGING starts!

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