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nID cha' attn:KLBG


This is my second attempt at posting to here. Due to the
response to my earlier attempt, I am attempting to translate
some of my own stuff. So I offer a poem (although the
application of that term to this work is left as an exercise
for the reader:) ) It is a work in progress.

Quj’a’ DraQoS’vo

veS Hoch yIn
Quj Hoch veS
bIQujchugh bISuD
bIQujbe'chugh bIlujbej
yIn Quj'a'
bItIvbe’chugh vas DaQujchu’be’

loS 'ay' ghaj Quj
Quj 'ay'mey wa'
Quj yoS cha'
chutmey mIwmey ghap wej
QujwI' loS

Hoch poH logh je che’ronmaj
Hoch qo’ Qujmaj yoS
maH ‘ay’
maH QujwI’

Does this say what I intend it to say?

To introduce myself, I am 38 years old, although I claim
bonus years due to former naval service and raising two
teenagers. I work at SLAC, which is an atom smasher. rugh
wIchenmoH, 'ach juHDaq vInge'laHbe'. I have been playing
around with tlhIngan Hol for some time, but only recently
decided to get serious about learning it.

Ben (DraQoS yo'Daq qej)

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