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Re: tlhingan "haiku"mey ;-) [KLBC]

Oh, I like this a lot! This might be fun to use at a Klingon Tea Ceremony.

On Sat, 16 Oct 1999, taj'IH wrote:

> Inspired by a bit of ikebana (a Japanese flower arrangement with all sorts
> of metaphorical overtones) I tried my hand at writing a haiku (17 syllable
> poem) in tlhIngan Hol.
> I sketched the haiku in English free form:
> upright grass
> a breeze bows all
> a fool stands before the wind
> The intended meaning is that any plant is wise enough to be flexible in the
> face of vastly superior forces (here of Nature), thus surviving and winning
> in the end, so a wise Klingen ought to do the same.
> Obviously, this is a homage to the tale told by Kahless to Gowron in TNG,
> which I thought a worthy sentiment to transport {{:-)
> tlhIngan Hol version, following 5-7-5 rule:
> nIteb Qam naHjej           [a thistle stands alone]
> SuSHommo' joq Hoch pormey  [due to the light breeze every leaf flutters]
> SuS ghobqu' qoH neH        [only a fool battles the wind]

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