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Re: HolQeD

> >chay ghu' DapImmoH? latlhmey DachenmoH 'e' Danab'a'?

I've published more than 30 issues of HolQeD now. I always print more
than I need for a given quarter, so that there is a backstock. In the
early years, when an issue went out of print I would reprint it. This
happened for the first three issues I believe. Now however, it simply
isn't practical. We can't afford to do small reprint runs of issues, and
larger reprint runs take up too much space. 

~mark wrote:
> tlhIngan Hol laDchu'be' Lawrence, 'ej pIj nIDbe'. QInlIj laD DaneH'a',
> DIvI' Hol yIlo'.

This is certainly true, though I think it's not so much vIlaDchu'be', as
that large blocks of tlhIngan Hol still make my vision blur. Short
phrases, or a line or two like above aren't a problem. I don't look at
all of the posts to the mailing list, and those that I do skim aren't
necessarily done in a timely manner. Sorry, but while I am the
jumbo-economy sized Director, there's still just so much of me to go

Lawrence M. Schoen  --

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