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Re: HolQeD

>Are these issues no longer available from the KLI?

>bIlugh. pagh wIghajchoHmoH DaSuqlaHbe'.
>You are correct. Because we have none you cannot obtain them.

>chay ghu' DapImmoH?...

>tlhIngan Hol laDchu'be' Lawrence, 'ej pIj nIDbe'.  QInlIj laD DaneH'a',
>DIvI' Hol yIlo'.

Good point.  I *do* want Lawrence to read my question.

Okay, how do we remedy the situation so that people *can* obtain
the out-of-print issues of HolQeD?  Some of them do contain rather
important information for people who want to learn the language as
well as possible.

Is there a definite plan to put the no-longer-available HolQeDs on
the web site for people to download?

-- ghunchu'wI' 'utlh

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