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how do you say/KLBC

I got asked for help again ... 

A friend needs to know ,for fanfiction ,how to say :
I figured out some parts of it but construction still confuses me 
and the tables of suffixes/prefixes makes no sense to me ,that's where I
always get lost . I just don't understand tables of that sort. 
The questions is ... how do you say ? 

Are you my wife ? 

Are you my husband ? 

I know that wife is  be'nal<n>
I know that husband is loDnal<n>

be'nalwI' = my wife ? 

loDnalwI' = my husband ? 

I also read that 'a' is used when the sentence is to be answered with a
yes or no ,which my friend intends to use. 

Help is much appreciated. 

LT MaudF./LT malqa matoq tuq
Chief Security Officer /Chief of Cadet Corps.
USS Triumph NCC-26228/R2/ Starfleet 
(Triumph Against All Odds)

jIjatlhpa' jatlh Hovmey (The stars will talk before I will)  

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