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RE: how do you say/KLBC

jatlh malqa:

> I got asked for help again ... 

> A friend needs to know ,for fanfiction ,how to say :
> I figured out some parts of it but construction 
> still confuses me and the tables of suffixes/prefixes 
> makes no sense to me ,that's where I always get lost. 
> I just don't understand tables of that sort. 
> The questions is ... how do you say ? 

> Are you my wife ? 
> Are you my husband ? 

> I know that wife is  be'nal<n>
> I know that husband is loDnal<n>


> be'nalwI' = my wife ? 
> loDnalwI' = my husband ? 


> I also read that 'a' is used when the sentence is to 
> be answered with a yes or no ,which my friend intends 
> to use. 

> Help is much appreciated. 

You got halfway there, and Robyn Stewart's excellent Beginner's Corner
column in the last HolQeD will get you the rest of the way. The way you say
"You are X" is: <X SoH>. Examples:

baHwI' SoH - You are the gunner
Ferris Bueller, SubwI' SoH - Ferris Bueller you're my hero (sorry, couldn't
loDnalwI' SoH - You are my husband

Since the pronoun <SoH> is acting like a verb in this type of sentence, you
can add verb suffixes to it. As you already guessed, the one you want is

loDnalwI' SoH'a'? - Are you my husband?
be'nalwI' SOH'a'? - Are you my wife?

Beginners' Grammarian

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