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RE: Barge and translations/KLBC

jatlh malqa:

> Thanks for answering. Considering I can't tell a subject 
> from an object from a verb in Standard .. I don't think 
> I did so badly my first translation , at least I figured 
> out that someone didn't feel they were to blame .

qay'be'. batlh bIvang.

It was a pretty good attempt. We often throw grammatical terms around here
and expect everyone to know them, but not everybody does. The subject of a
sentence is the thing doing the action. In English, it goes at the beginning
of the sentence, but in Klingon it goes at the end. Similarly, the object is
the thing that the action happens to, and it goes at the end in English and
the beginning in Klingon. That's why it's important to know which is which -
if you just translate the words, you could wind up saying "The child hit the
officer" instead of "The officer hit the child".

Beginners' Grammarian

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