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Re: translation from Barge

ja' malqa <>:
>I am still struggling with the translations from Barge of the Dead,being a
>newbie to tlhIngan Hol ,

Since you're new, you probably don't yet know the sad truth of TV
Klingon.  It's not comprehensible tlhIngan Hol.

>and now an online reviewer has asked for help from me.
>Can someone much more knowledgable than me help me out ?
>I did figure out some words and parts of sentences but here's the rest...
>I know this is a big job. .but any help is appreciated. It's the prefixes
>and suffixes that confuse me the most.
>The sentences came from a transcript with improper lower and uppcase
>letters as well . Here goes :

This is  not Klingon as we know and use it; it's just someone's feeble
attempt to turn English sentences into Klingon ones by looking up each
word in turn and occasionally "faking it" when there are gaps.  If I
squint and turn off the "Klingon grammar" part of my brain, I can turn
most of it into something that might make sense in English.

>mag HoshonaH neS 'a gre'thor

[This one eludes me, but it might be something like:]
Proclaim the power and honor of Gre'thor.

>jIH neH

I want...

>jIH ghaj nug SoH neH

I have what you want.

>jIH ghaj nej SoH

I have searched for you.

>nuq SoH' loS

What [are] you waiting for?

>vav nuqDaq SoH (where is your father[is this right?]>

Father, where are you?

>nuqDaq 'oH puchpa'e' (Where is the bathroom {from TKD]

Where is the bathroom?

>qoS'qar qavlI

[I don't have a clue.]

>Duj tlvoqtaH

Always trust your instincts. [from TKD]

>tugh = soon


>jIH qoy SoH

I hear you.

>qot' maH SoH gre'thor

Lie [with] us you Gre'thor. [?]

>paq'batlh = school [book] of Honor

book [of] honor

>pIcH vIghajbe' = I believe this was corrected for me as " I am not at

It's not my fault. [from TKD]

>jIjajbe' = I don't understand[from TKD]

I don't understand. [from TKD]

>jIHtaHbogh naDev vISovbe'

I'm lost. [from TKD]

>bIjegh be'chugh vaj bIHegh

Surrender or die! [from TKD]

>Hab SoSlI' Quch = Your mother has a smooth forehead

Your mother has a smooth forehead! [from Power Klingon]

>Sop joq' jIH yuv gagh Dreq = I'm stuck on the word Dreq , the sentence is
>eat the gagh or I will push it ,etc ....

Eat or I [will] push gagh [?].

>qem nuHneq =sentence is about bringing a weapon ?

Bring [the] weaponstick. [Probably referring to the branding iron.]

>'uch ghH = Hold her! (this is when they are trying to place a brand on
>Torres' face I believe

Hold her.

>I do not know if the first word here is with a q or a Q . The translation
>capitalized *every* first letter in every sentence ...
>Since I can't figure out the rest I don't know what it is yet.
>It really might be a q because of the  2nd word .
>q(Q)uSDaqba' quSDaqba' puqDoy'lo vlIo'la

[This one I can't decode at all.]
Sit in a chair, sit in a chair, child tired use I am used. [?]

>Help please! I"m sure the reviewer will credit the translater .

The reviewer should instead note that the attempted Klingon in the
episode is a sorry excuse for translation.  I suspect the writers
think they're doing the fans a favor, but their cavalier treatment
of the language is on the edge of being offensive.

I can excuse the actors' pronunciation.  I do not excuse the writers'
flippant misuse of the dictionary

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