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Re: Mu'mey chu'

>: tlhoy - overly, to an excessive degree, excessively, too much
>: (adv)...
>Now this one is confusing.  How is {tlhoy} different from the emphatic
>suffix {-qu'}, which Okrand has occasionally used in the sense of "too much"?

{-qu'} has at times been used to translate "too much", but that's not
it's essential meaning.  The "too much" meaning *is* carried by {tlhoy}.

>: 'Iq - be too many, be too much (v) Examples show it used adjectivally.
>I think I understand this one: it's used with nouns, similar to {law'} and
>{puS}, right?
>  'Iwchab 'Iq vISoppu'mo' jIrop.
>  I'm sick because I've eaten too many blood pies.
>  'Iw HIq 'Iq Datlhutlhchugh bIchechchoH.
>  If you drink too much bloodwine you'll get drunk.

The grammar is fine, but the meaning is faulty. :)

'Iw HIq 'Iq Datlhutlhchugh ghaytan bIHegh.
'Iw HIq yap'e' Datlhutlhchugh bIchechchoH.

-- ghunchu'wI' 'utlh

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