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jIcheghqa'. vaghHu' Hov leng qepna' vISuchta'. vItlhIS vIqIH. tlhaq 'ej
qu'. Doj 'ej Daj. jIHvaD lutmey law' ja' 'ej ghaHvaD lutmey law' vIja'.
chaq manep. Sov 'Iv? lutmey wItIvbej. juppu' wImoj.

wa'leS latlh qepna' vISuch. tlhIngan 'uQ'a' choSamlaH 'ej cha'leS
"Farpoint"Daq vISuch. DaqDaq ghom juppu'wI' law'. tlhIngan Hol wIjatlh.
Dunqu' 'uQ'a'. Qanqor ghIch vIbochmoH 'ej ghaH vIHaghmoH. maSopDI' ghopDu'
wIlo'. matlhutlhDI' bommey 'IHqu' wIbom. mu'qaD veS vIHarghqang 'ach vay'
vIHoHnISbe'. 'e' vItulchu'.

cha'leS "FarPoint"Daq bISuchchugh HISam. choghovlaH. ngeDqu'. jIrur'eghchu'.

I have returned. five days ago I attended (visited) a Star Trek convention.
I met Vixis. She was funny and fierce. She was impressive and interesting.
She told me many stories and I told her many stories. Perhaps we lied. Who
knows? We certainly enjoyed the stories. We became friends.

Tomorrow I will visit another convention. You can find me at the Klingon
Feast, and the day after tomorrow I will attend (visit) "Farpoint." Many of
my friends will gather in that place. We will speak Klingon. The feast will
be glorious. I will shine Krankor's nose and make him laugh. When we eat we
will use our hands. When we drink we will sing beautiful songs. I am ready
to battle curse warfare but I hope I don't need to kill somebody.

If you will be at "Farpoint" the day after tomorrow, find me. You can
recognize me. It is easy. I clearly resemble myself.


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