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Re: Some Facts Required - Again

>Date: Tue, 5 Oct 99 13:41:22 EST
>From: Alan Anderson <>
>"Klingon Honour" <> wrote:
>>Hello all! My name is ngghoy.
>Hi there.  How do you pronounce your name?

Like it's spelled, but with more oomph, presumably.

>>Q5/ Other than the addendum, how much has altered in 1992 TKD from the
>>original in 1985?
>The old one is smaller with a blue cover depicting a Bird of Prey, and
>its pages are edged with yellow.  The new one has a glossy white cover
>and a photo of Kruge with his officers.  The corresponding pages in
>the two editions are absolutely identical, including typographical

Weelllllllll, to be really technical, there were actually *two* old ones.
They differed in their covers.  The first one had a textured cover, not
glossy at all, and the bird-of-prey on it was embossed.  The second one had
a glossy cover with no embossing.  The colors and patterns of the covers
are the same though, near enough.


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