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Re: Some Facts Required - Again

"Klingon Honour" <> wrote:
>Hello all! My name is ngghoy.

Hi there.  How do you pronounce your name?

>I would like to know some facts:
>Q1/ On which episode of the original Star Trek series did Klingons first
>appear? Did they "mutter" on this episode?

"Errand of Mercy" introduced the Klingons as a major military threat
to the Federation but removed the threat immediately with the Organian
Peace treaty.  Kor did mutter a few things, but he did it in English.
The first Klingon syllables to appear on screen were at the beginning
of Star Trek: The Motion Picture.  It wasn't developed into anything
like a real language until Star Trek III: The Search for Spock.

>Q2/ Were the original filmings of the Star Trek television episodes based on
>the Paramount sets? If not, where and where are they filmed today?

The original series was done by DesiLu and was produced at their
studios.  Paramount didn't buy them until later.  The Star Trek
standing sets and occasional "location" areas are in California; I
think Star Fleet Headquarters is filmed at a waste treatment plant. :)

>Q3/ The orginal creator of Star Trek, Gene Roddenberry - where is he today
>and what is he doing?

Cremated, with his ashes in orbit.

>Q4/ When did Paramount firs trademark the word Klingon?

The first time I recall seeing a "tm" on the word Klingon is on the
Skybox trading card "Klingon Communicator", Star Trek: The Next
Generation Season 4, card S19.  After that card, lots of things were
labeled as trademarks:  Worf, Gowron, Jean-Luc Picard, Romulans, etc.

>Q5/ Other than the addendum, how much has altered in 1992 TKD from the
>original in 1985?

The old one is smaller with a blue cover depicting a Bird of Prey, and
its pages are edged with yellow.  The new one has a glossy white cover
and a photo of Kruge with his officers.  The corresponding pages in
the two editions are absolutely identical, including typographical

>Q6/ When was the actual release date/month of the 1985 TKD?

I don't have a copy of TKD with me, but I'm pretty sure that the
information you seek is on the copyright page.

-- ghunchu'wI'

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