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RE: De'wI' Quj SeHmeH jan (KLBC)

> "Total Control for Total Victory". It seemed like a good thing to
> translate into Klingon, so I challenge all interested beginners to come up
> with a useful translation. Keep in mind that this is a marketing slogan:
> keep it short and simple. A very literal translation *will fail*.

jatlh Jeremy Silver:

> Qapchu'meH SeHchu'
> or maybe:
> Qapchu'meH ruQchu'    
> (both are clipped for brevity, and the latter attempt reminds me 
> of Riker using a joystick to control the 'entepray')

majQa'. This is an excellent use of <ruQ> (or maybe <raQ>). I wonder if this
sort of clipping is common in similar contexts.

jatlh HomDoq:
> bIQapchu'meH pISeHmoHlaHchu'

Wow. I had not even thought of anything like <pISeHmoH>.

> Qapchu'meH SeHlawna'

maj. I am still wondering what, exactly, a <SeHlaw> is, but this is probably
a good use of the word.

jatlh Nelson:
> Thank you for your help and for the good word. Second try
> yayna'vaD SeHchu'
> Hopefully, I understood something of what you just said. BTW, 
> I think its a very good idea to post some not too hard challenge 
> for beginners like me. I hope there will be more.


The other idea I had:

bISeHlaHchu'mo' bIQapchu'.    (or)  SeHlaHchu'mo' Qapchu'.

Beginners' Grammarian

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