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RE: nuq Qub latlhpu'? (KLBC)

jatlh qa'ral:

> QInlIjmo choquvmoHpu', pagh!  qajang:

>>I don't think <magh> works here. I understood it perfectly, but only
>>I speak English. I doubt a Klingon would understand how <chab>, <Dargh>,
>><HIq> can "betray" agriculture.

> mu'ghom vIgherbogh, citing MSN (whatever that is), claims that <magh> can 
> also mean "to indicate, reveal".  lI'qu' mu'ghomvam 'ach vIvoqHa'.

The MSN thingee (whatever they called it) included a wordlist with expanded
definitions for quite a few words. Unfortunately, the definitions were all
made up by the MSN staff, with no input from Okrand at all. As a result,
anything obtained from there should be treated as, at best, a wild guess.
It's often downright wrong. My favorite examples were the time words like
<jaj> - "The time it takes for the *Earth* to rotate once on its axis", or
something similar.

>>chab, Dargh, HIq je lIngba' Satlh

> Don't tell me there's another suffix missing from my chart!

quSDaq bIba'. Sorry, couldn't resist. If you don't get it, look in KGT in
the idioms section.

> chay' <-ba'> mojaq lo'lu'?  nuq 'oH SeghDaj'e'?

<-ba'> is a type six suffix meaning "obviously".

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