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RE: nuq Qub latlhpu'? (KLBC)

QInlIjmo choquvmoHpu', pagh!  qajang:

>I don't think <magh> works here. I understood it perfectly, but only because
>I speak English. I doubt a Klingon would understand how <chab>, <Dargh>, and
><HIq> can "betray" agriculture.

mu'ghom vIgherbogh, citing MSN (whatever that is), claims that <magh> can also mean "to indicate, reveal".  lI'qu' mu'ghomvam 'ach vIvoqHa'.

>chab, Dargh, HIq je lIngba' Satlh

Don't tell me there's another suffix missing from my chart!   chay' <-ba'> mojaq lo'lu'?  nuq 'oH SeghDaj'e'?

><HIq> is questionable. We don't know for certain that any Klingon <HIq> is
>produced from vegetable matter. We can surmise that <pubtaHbogh ghargh HIq>
>and <'Iw HIq> are both produced from animal matter, but I won't hazard a
>guess about the rest.

I've heard of fermented mare's milk (kumiss).  Could 'Iw HIq actually be made from fermented blood?  Is this even possible?

>nuq 'oS <yeq>'e'?  <yer> Dalo' 'e' DaHech, qar'a'?

<Domain, holdings, territory> vIjatlh 'e' vIHech.  <yeq> ghItlhHa'law' mu'ghomwIj.

>chay' beQ? HuDmey Hutlh'a'?

There seem to be two schools of thought on this.  One (apparently originating with Ford) holds that the Homeworld shows *relatively* little variation in climate, season and terrain.  This would fit with the early political and cultural unity that we seem to find on Qo'noS.  In fact, I can't see how else Kahless could have created a /yuQ wo'/, especially if the planet, as many seem to think, is rather larger than Earth.  The other school seems to feel that a dramatic and violent history needs an equally dramatic and violent planet for its theater.  In this case we can expect a much greater ethnic, cultural, religious, and linguistic variety, with whole civilizations and continents perhaps remaining aloof from the warrior ideals established by Kahless.  


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