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Re: De'wI' Quj SeHmeH jan (KLBC)

> A few days ago I bought a new gamepad for my computer. There was a slogan on
> the box: "Total Control for Total Victory". It seemed like a good thing to
> translate into Klingon, so I challenge all interested beginners to come up
> with a useful translation. Keep in mind that this is a marketing slogan:
> keep it short and simple. A very literal translation *will fail*.

Let me first introduce myself. *Nelson* jiH. I'm a very beginning klingon
learner. I'm still trying to make sense out of everything in TKD and I'm
also trying my hand with the postal course available on the net.

Anyway, I found this particular chalenge interesting, so here is my take on

SeHchu'meH yayna'.

Please help me understand how I got it wrong ('cause I'm sure some of it is
wrong, if not all!)

Nelson Lamoureux
«Boire sans soif et faire l'amour en tout temps,
Madame, il n'y a que ça qui nous distingue des
autres bętes.»

«When belief in a god dies, the god dies.
When the last acolyte renounces his faith
and turns to another deity, the god ceases to be.»
    Harlan Ellison

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