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>-- Star Trek: The Experience will be hosting several events in the coming
>months, including guest appearances, autograph signings and "Klingon Empire
>Day", June 12.
>1) I thought that {tlhIngan wo' jaj} was in March.  Or is that Empire Union
>Day?  Aren't these the same thing?

I'm going to an Empire Union Day con in Detroit, Jun 24-26
Growron and Koloth will be there.

Some people think its in March because it is in the third month; but I took
it to mean the third klingon month, and of course we know nothing about the
klingon calendar, and with the different length years, it wouldn't end up on
the same day each earth year.

toH, Hoch jaj pelop!
wo' jaj 'oHchugh jaj - pagh - wo' jaj 'oHbe'chugh jaj, pelop


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