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Re: eyes of khaless game

attempt at translation, please correct...

be' SoHchugh pagh loD SoHchugh bIHoSghajchugh bIquv 'e' maq tlhIngan.
/female you`if or man you`if you`b-strong`have`if | that proclaim klingon
//if your female or if your male, if you have strength, then speak
veSqa' tuqDaq jeS be'pu' law' loDpu' law' cha' puqpu' je.
/war`again wear`ponytail participate females b-many males participate
show children and
//many women and many men wear ponytails[of warriors] and participate in
tlhIngan Hol jatlhwI'pu' jatlhwI' nIv ghaH Qov'e' 'e' vIHar 'ej be' ghaH.
/klingon speakers speaker b-superior are {Qov}`topic that i:it`believe
and women are
// ??
veSqa' tuq jatlhwI' nIv ghaH je be''e'.
/war`again wear speakers believe s/he and b-female`topic
veqa' 'oH pongDaj'e'.
/war`again it-is name`his`topic
//his .name. is {veSqa'}
rut tlhIchnaQ yIv ghaH.
/sometimes ciggeretes chew s/he
//sometimes s/he chews cigerretes
HIq law' tlhutlh.
/liquor b-many drink
//many drink[liquor]
pe'vIl paw' ghaH.
/cut`{vIl} collide him/her
moqbara'mo' tonSaw'mo' quv baj ghaH.
/{moqba}order`due-to {tonSaw'mo'} coordinates {baj} s/he-is
betleH lo'laH ghaH.
/betleH b-valuable s/he
qaStaHvIS tlhoghDaj tlhIngan HIp tuQ.
/occur`contnuois`while marriage`his/her klingon uniform 2-wear
//klingon uniforms are worn while one is married
be'pu'vaD loDpu'vaD je batlh quv je tu'lu'jaj.
/women`for men`for and honor honor and 2-notice`i.s.`day
//for women and also for men with honor also honor to notice someone

The person is smart.
People are stupid, panicky, dangerous animals...

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