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Re: KLBC targhmey QongtaH Qotbogh yIchaw'

In a message dated 5/25/1999 11:03:49 AM US Mountain Standard Time, writes:

 I've already given my 2 darseks worth on this, but peHruS's rewrite should
   QottaH Qongbogh targhmey 'e' yIchaw'
 {Qongbogh targhmey} "sleeping targs" is the subject of {Qot} "lie, recline". 
 If you're like me and are sometimes confused by where to place the 
 a good trick is to delete it (and all other modifiers) and look at the bare
 structure of the clause:
   Qot targhmey
jIQochbe'chu'.  qaybe' wej DarSeq.


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