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Re: {-meH}: purpose clauses

ja' Holtej 'utlh:

> ... [latlh Dochmey law' vInop] ...    
>  TKW p. 73 {bIQapqu'meH tar DaSop 'e' DatIvnIS}.  
>  The purpose clause {bIQapqu'meH} just seems to be hanging out 
>  there in front of the sentence, not modifying another noun or verb, 
>  though, unless you want to claim that {tar} is the noun that it's 
>  modifying and {bIQapqu'meH tar} is the object of {Sop} (doesn't feel 
>  that way to me, though).   ... [latlh Dochmey law' vInopqa'] ...

I suggest that the purpose clause {bIQapqu'meH} modifies 
{(object) DatIvnIS}.
It is necessary that you enjoy eating  poison; necessary for what purpose? 
That you fully succeed.


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