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Re: grammar check

Kirin asked:

: I need a grammar check on the above sentences. My Klingon, she is a
: little rusty, and I need this before I go into work tonight at 8pm CDT.  
: I will probably check back around 3pm or so CDT.
: QIrIn-SetI taI-qyomeq may' 'aj pongwIj jIH.  tlhIngan wo' Duj wamwI'
: Hov HoD jIH.

Two options for the first part:

  Kirin sutai-Kyomek may' 'aj jIH. 
  I am Battle Admiral Kirin sutai-Kyomek.

  Kirin sutai-Kyomek may' 'aj 'oH pongwIj'e'.
  Battle Admiral Kirin sutai-Kyomek is my name.

I'm not sure I'd call my rank part of my name or not.  Being your name, it's
your call of course.  

I also tend not to transcribe klingonaase names and ranks into Okrandian
tlhIngan Hol orthography.  They are different languages after all and the
different spelling alerts the reader to this so s/he doesn't waste time
up words in the Dictionary.  We don't re-spell French or Spanish words and
phrases phonetically into English orthography, n'est pas?  If you have the
option, you could italicize the klingonaase part, as we do in English to flag
foreign words, but I don't think that's really necessary here as fans
understand the mixed nature of Klingon fandom.  

The second part is fine the way it is, though I would add punctuation to make
it easier to read since Klingon doesn't capitalize proper nouns:

  tlhIngan wo' Duj <wamwI' Hov> HoD jIH.
  I am captain of the Imperial Klingon Vessel "Hunter's Star".

Since you're a "Battle Admiral" not a captain (even though captain is the
traditional English designation for a naval vessel's commanding officer
regardless of actual administrative rank), you might re-word this to read:

  tlhIngan wo' Duj <wamwI' Hov> ra'wI' jIH.
  I am commander of the IKV Hunter's Star.

  tlhIngan wo' Duj <wamwI' Hov> vIra'.
  I command the IKV Hunter's Star.

You can now combine the two parts.  One way is:

  Kirin sutai-Kyomek may' 'aj jIH 'ej tlhIngan wo' Duj <wamwI' Hov> vIra'.
  I am Battle Admiral Kirin sutai-Kyomek, commanding the IKV Hunter's Star.

BTW Kirin, what kind of work do you do that you need to tell people (in
tlhIngan Hol no less) what Klingon vessel you command?


Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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