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RE: KLBC : A grammar question...

> Pain is weakness leaving the body.
> I tried : "  porgh tlheDlI'bogh HoSHa'ghach 'oH 'oy''e'  "
> Any ideas on how to better cast this phrase?

A nice Klingon sentiment!  I won't comment on the grammar, but I will
propose a more succint, Klingon-style approach:

bI'oy'DI' bIHoSchoH

Translation involves finding the right tools in the target language to
capture the essence of the source.  Klingon is very verb-centric, and
English is very noun-centric, so you need to think about things in terms of
actions.  As charghwI' always said, "recast, recast!"  A big bonus with
Klingon is that we also have this colorful and well-described culture to
draw upon when writing in or translating to Klingon.  

> juDmoS

-- Holtej 'utlh

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