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Re: jI*interested*be'

ja' qultoQ:
>two possibilites that i see:
>1; /it doesnt interest me\: muDajbe'
>2; i don' care[about it]: vISaHbe'
>[yes, i believe these are right, no?]

The first one: no.  There are two verbs spelled {Daj}, and what you wrote
looks a lot like the wrong one.  One {Daj} means "be interesting", and I
can't think of any way it would work with an object.  The "prefix trick"
doesn't seem to make a lot of sense either, though I won't argue too hard
against it.  The real problem is the other {Daj}, "test inconclusively",
which *does* take an object and thus seems more likely to have a {mu-}
prefix.  At first glance, and even at second or third glance, {muDajbe'}
looks to me like it says "It does not inconclusively test me."

If you want to use the verb "be interesting", you would probably have to
say something like {jIHvaD Dajbe'} "it is not interesting for me."

The second one: close enough.  You could probably say either {jISaHbe'}
or {vISaHbe'} with no significant difference in what you mean.

-- ghunchu'wI'

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