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Re: SachtaH Holmaj!

In a message dated 5/12/1999 7:40:20 PM US Mountain Standard Time, writes:

<< ><< <> jatlhmeH mIwmey qel wa'
 > nav. >>
 >Just a question about using the verb prefix {lu-}.  Would it fit on {jatlh}
 >in the sentence above?  Would the entire phrase <> be considered a singular
 >object in tlhIngan Hol?
 I'd say the <> phrase is a direct quote, even in a {-meH}clause. Thus the no
 object prefix, in this case the null prefix is required. >>
Then, there remains the question of what is the head noun of the {-meH} 
clause.  It appears obvious to me in this sentence the head noun of the 
clause is {mIwmey}, which is plural.


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