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Re: More qachQeD

In a message dated 5/11/1999 8:32:52 AM US Mountain Standard Time, writes:

<< How about *opera* and *opera house*?  (<bomvaS'a'>?)
 6) <quv> apparently means *supreme* as well as *honorable* (e.g., <la'quv>, 
<ra'ghomquv>, <yejquv>).  N'est-ce pas? >>


{opera} 'oS mu' {ghe'naQ}: (KGT)
rapbe' mu' {quv} mu' {nIv} je.
{supreme} 'oS mu' {nIv}.  wa' chovnatlh 'oH {Deb nIv}'e'.
{la'quv} DajatlhDI' {quv} law' ghajbogh ghot {la'} Daqel neH.


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