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XF translation - Round two...

<And now the moment a few have been waiting for, 'ay' cha' of my ongoing 
X-Files episode translation...>

<This is a continuation from the last episode. Like I said, it was part 2 of 
2. Perhaps I should have posted part one first...but enough of that.>


(Jeremiah Smith walks towards Mulder, followed by Scully.)
<Jeremiah Smith is an extraterrestrial who works for the Social Security 
administration, for reasons which will be mentioned later. He has the 
ability to heal the wounded.>

JEREMIAH SMITH: I've come to you at great risk... I mean you
no harm.
(SaSuchpu' 'ach jISuDqu'...jIjoch 'e' vIHechbe'.)

(Mulder aims his gun nonetheless.)

SCULLY: Mulder, he knows about your sister.
(*Mulder*, be'nI'lI' De' Sov.)
<Mulder believes his sister was abducted by aliens when he and her were 

MULDER: How do I know you're for real?
(chay' bIyuDHa' 'e' vISov?)

JEREMIAH SMITH: I can explain everything to you.
(SoHvaD Hoch vIQIjlaH.)

MULDER: First I want you to come somewhere with me.
I want you to come with me to see my mother. <Mulder's mother went into a 
stroke last episode.>
(voghDaq chotlhej vIneH. SoSwI' wISuchmeH chotlhej vIneH.)
<I think "visit" - Such - would be a good translation for this usage of 

(Smith nods. A bright light shines upon them and they look over to
see headlights quickly approaching. The car stops as Mulder and
Smith look at each other. The bounty hunter steps out of his car
and draws the blade out of his icepick. Smith turns and runs.)
<The icepick is actually an alien weapon, referred to also as a stilletto. 
It's like a small tube; push a button on the side and a thin needle springs 

MULDER: Stay out of his way, Scully, he doesn't want to hurt you.
You can't use your gun! <The only way to kill the bounty hunter is by 
piercing the base of his skull, which is what the icepick is for. Otherwise 
his green blood oozes out, which is toxic to humans.>

(yImunQo', *Scully*, Du'oy' neHbe'! HIchwIj Dalo'laHbe'!)

(Mulder runs after Smith. Scully aims her gun at their attacker.)

SCULLY: Stop right there, sir!
(pa' yImev, qaH!)

(The bounty hunter runs towards her and slams into her, knocking her
down. She groans as the bounty hunter continues along his way.
Everybody is searching for everybody now. Mulder sees Smith run
up a flight of stairs and follows. The bounty hunter enters the building
next and runs up the stairs. Mulder catches a quick flash of Smith in
a level above him. The bounty hunter seems instinctively drawn to his
prey. Scully looks to be completely lost. The bounty hunter runs a
level under Smith and, seeing his chance, jumps up a ladder and grabs
Smith's foot from the lower level, but Smith wrestles free and keeps
running. As the bounty hunter jumps down from his short perch,
Mulder runs in. The two stare at each other tensely for a few moments,
waiting for the other to do something. They turn in the opposite
direction from each other and start to run for their objectives. Smith,
nervously, looks around and finds an exit door on the roof. As Scully
continues to search, the bounty hunter finds the exit door. Smith
comes to the end of the roof and looks back to see the Bounty
Hunter quickly approaching. Faced with no other choice, he jumps down
to the ground. Mulder runs out to see Smith on the floor across the
way from him. He runs over and helps him up.)

MULDER: Come on.


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