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Re: vatlhvI'

DloraH asked:

: which side of the noun does "percent" go?

Okrand has used it once, when Klaa commanded the helm in ST5:

  cha'maH vagh vatlhvI' Hong. QIt yIghoS!
  Slow to one quarter impulse power. [punctuation uncertain]
  (lit. "25 percent impulse power. Proceed slowly!")

NUMBER + {vatlhvI'} would seem to precede the noun, like other counted nouns. 
Thus we would say (based on this single example):

   cha'maH vagh chab  
   "25 pies"

   cha'maH vagh vatlhvI' chab
   25% of the pie (i.e. one quarter of a single pie)

I'm uncertain about this next example with a plural noun:

  ?cha'maH vagh vatlhvI' chabmey
   25% of the pies (i.e. 1 out of 4 pies)

N.B. Some Klingonists disagree with this analysis, feeling that standard helm
commands may be abbreviated or clipped.  I don't believe that Okrand has ever
discussed percentages directly.

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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