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Re: De'logh Daq

At 06:33 PM 5/20/99 -0700, qultoQ wrote:

{jatlh} doesn't mean "Hello".  For that matter, {nuqneH} doesn't
mean "Hello", either.  You can use {peqIm} to get people's
attention, though.

>De'logh Daq vIghaj;
>'oH **Daq;

This {'oH} hanging by itself feels odd and {-Daq} is out of place.
I guess you are patterning this on the English "It is at...", but the 
pronouns aren't true verbs, although they can be used to equate two 
nouns to each other.  You need another noun in there.  We often use 
{Quv} "coordinates" in the sense of a Website's URL:

*http://...* 'oH QuvDaj'e'.

>wa'leS vIchoHqa'ta';
>wa'leS QaQchoHta';

Good use of time stamp and aspect! 


-- ter'eS

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