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RE: First Contacts KLBC

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From: "Andeen, Eric" <>
To: Multiple recipients of list <>
Subject: RE: First Contacts KLBC
Date: Wed, 19 May 1999 12:12:52 -0700 (PDT)

 > if a Klingon was saying that (which they wouldn't, 'cause I
 > doubt any Klingon's live in NZ) but would they say the
 > equivalent of "Yes, I live in NZ"? and how did you guess?
 > my spelling, but then you would have prehaps guessed
 > British or Australian *face amazingly compossed as she says
 > this word*.

I first noticed the "kiwi" in your email address, and then I noticed the
>spelling of "Hullo".

"Hullo" is not a typical NZ spelling, as far as I know it is unique to me 
alone.  I find the usual hellos a little dull... jatlh is much more 
interesting and useful.  (though it is limited, because if you want to 
acknowlege someone but would rather they didn't start talking what would you 
say?  "What do you want?" is probably best. "nuqneh" is it?)

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