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Re: First Contacts KLBC

>"Hullo" is not a typical NZ spelling, as far as I know it is unique to
>alone.  I find the usual hellos a little dull... jatlh is much more 
>interesting and useful.  (though it is limited, because if you want to 
>acknowlege someone but would rather they didn't start talking what 
>would you say?  "What do you want?" is probably best. "nuqneh" is it?)

ah, sorry, /hullo\ isnt quite unique to you[as i use it consistently]
wella, who'all on this list uses /hullo\? <g> taking a census;
actually is \nuqneH/, there is a big difference bwteen |h| and |H|...

Blessed be,
The person is smart.
People are stupid, panicky, dangerous animals...

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