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RE: [KLBC]pong

jatlh qultoQ:

> jatlh,
> T'uvien:

> jISovnIs Hoch:
> [hmm, chay' \curious/ jatlh?, /jISovnIs Hoch\~\i need to know
> everything/]

I think what you want to say here is <Hoch vISovnIS>. Remember Klingon OVS
sentence order.

"curious" is one for the advanced class {{:-)>  There is really no simple
way to do this. I am others will contribute ideas.

> um, nuq Hech ponglIj?

This is good - right sentence order, right prefix. I don't think <Hech> is
the right verb here, though. <Hech> is glossed as "intend, mean to", so I
think it is something you can do, but your name cannot. <'oS> - "represent"
might work here, if it includes that kind of "represent". You could also ask
<chay' ponglIj DawIv?>.

> 'oHbe' tlhIngan Hol;

tlhIngan Hol 'oHbe'.

Beginners' Grammarian

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