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RE: KLBC: story

> qaStaHvIS wa'maH vatlh DIS poH,...
> I just wanted to set a past tense setting for the story.  
: What you have said is "During ten centuries, ...". To set the time context
: of the story, use a specific timestamp: <wa'SaD ben, ...>. You could
: (probably) also say <qaStaHvIS vatlh DIS poH wa'maHDIch, ...> for "During
: the tenth century, ...".

Make that {qaStaHvIS vatlh DIS poH wa'maH} "During century ten"  Centuries
are referred to with cardinal numbers in Klingon, not ordinal.  E.g.:

  qItI'nga Duj tera' vatlh DISpoH cha'maH wej HochHom lo'lu'taH
  the K'Tinga-class remained in use for most of the 23rd century. S15

  tera' vatlh DISpoH cha'maH loS bong QongmeH qItI'nga Duj tI'ang ghompu'
   DIvI' 'ejDo' 'entepray'
  A sleeper ship of this [K'Tinga] class, the T'Ong, was encountered in
   the 24th century by the USS Enterprise. S15 

And the still-unconfirmed Star Trek: The Experience communique text (which I
think was written by Okrand even though I can't prove it):

  tera' vatlh DIS poH cha'maH loS bIyIn jeSlaHpa' Hoch
  Be the first to journey to the 24th century. STX 

Note how Okrand tags Earth centuries with {tera'}.  When speaking to
about Klingon centuries, a similar {Qo'noS} tag would not be needed.  

: Of course, the Klingon tenth century may be quite different from
the Terran

Agreed.  SkyBox Card S15 (and STX?) is indirect evidence that Klingons also
group years {DIS poH} by hundreds, else why distinguish a Terran
century from
a presumably Kronos one?  Not that we know how long a Klingon year is in
relation to a Terran year.

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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