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Re: muD Duj

Steven Boozer schrieb:
>   ruQ  "control manually (by hand)" TKD
>   raQ  "manipulate by hand, handle" KGT

No canon? Too bad, this really looks like one of the words that emerge
from klingon-mispronouncing actors, or someone who doesn't know that {u}
is oo and not a... :-)

> My feeling based on the English glosses:  {ruQ} refer to operating mechanical
> controls manually like a pilot deactivating the autopilot (i.e. not letting
> the
> computer fly the ship).  E.g. Capt. Klaa prides himself on his marksmanship,
> therefore he manually targetted the ancient Terran space probe then fired the
> disruptors.  {raQ} is used for even finer, precise control of a tool, such
> as a
> caligrapher manipulating a brush.  E.g.: The assassin handled his dagger with
> the skill of a surgeon.

KGT, page 79:
        There is no single Klingon word comparable to the general
Federation Standard terms "art" and "artwork." Voocabulary associated
with the Klingon arts is rather specific. The closest to a general term
in this realm may be the verb {raQ}, which means "manipulate by hand,
handle." It can be applied to carving, sculpting, metalworking, and the
like but is really much less specific, referring to activities that
involve having some control over some object. For example, in addition
to saying {betleH yan} ("He/she wields a bat'leth"), one could say
{betleH raQ} ("He/she controls a bat'leth"). By extension, the term
{raQ} is also used when referring to controlling a space vessel
"manually" (that is, when the controls are manipulated directly by a
person rather than a computer): {Duj raQ} ("He/she controls the ship


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