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Re: muD Duj

> Duj DaruQ neH. puvmoH telmey muD Do je 'e' vIHar.

: jIghelnIS:  chay' pIm mu' {ruQ} (TKD) mu' {raQ} (KGT) je?

A very good question.  

  ruQ  "control manually (by hand)" TKD
  raQ  "manipulate by hand, handle" KGT

Neither has been used in canon.

My feeling based on the English glosses:  {ruQ} refer to operating mechanical
controls manually like a pilot deactivating the autopilot (i.e. not letting
computer fly the ship).  E.g. Capt. Klaa prides himself on his marksmanship,
therefore he manually targetted the ancient Terran space probe then fired the
disruptors.  {raQ} is used for even finer, precise control of a tool, such
as a
caligrapher manipulating a brush.  E.g.: The assassin handled his dagger with
the skill of a surgeon.

Some related vocabulary:  {'uch} "hold, grasp" and {SeH} "control" - which
seems to be a general verb, referring to controlling people or things and
appears in {SeHlaw} "control panel" and {SeHwI'} "controller" (device).  And
there are all those technical martial arts verbs about manipulating a

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons 

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