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Re: muD Duj

: {Voragh] schrieb:
:>   ruQ  "control manually (by hand)" TKD
:>   raQ  "manipulate by hand, handle" KGT
:> My feeling based on the English glosses: {ruQ} refer to operating
:> controls manually like a pilot deactivating the autopilot (i.e. not letting
:> the computer fly the ship). E.g. Capt. Klaa prides himself on his
:> therefore he manually targetted the ancient Terran space probe then fired
:> disruptors. {raQ} is used for even finer, precise control of a tool,
such as
:> caligrapher manipulating a brush. E.g.: The assassin handled his dagger
:> the skill of a surgeon.
: KGT, page 79:
:         There is no single Klingon word comparable to the general
: Federation Standard terms "art" and "artwork." Vocabulary associated
: with the Klingon arts is rather specific. The closest to a general term
: in this realm may be the verb {raQ}, which means "manipulate by hand,
: handle." It can be applied to carving, sculpting, metalworking, and the
: like but is really much less specific, referring to activities that
: involve having some control over some object. For example, in addition
: to saying {betleH yan} ("He/she wields a bat'leth"), one could say
: {betleH raQ} ("He/she controls a bat'leth"). By extension, the term
: {raQ} is also used when referring to controlling a space vessel
: "manually" (that is, when the controls are manipulated directly by a
: person rather than a computer): {Duj raQ} ("He/she controls the ship
: manually").

The Ca'Non Master is out-canoned!  DopDaq qul yIchenmoH QobDI' ghu'!  I
obviously need to get the rest of the text of KGT entered into my notes.  You
know, I'd be willing to pay real money for an index!

Well, so much for my theory, based on my sense of the English.  I wonder
whether IRL Okrand simply misremembered {ruQ} from TKD, accidentally typing
{raQ} - which makes its debut in KGT.  In TKD {raQ} is a noun meaning "camp
(military term)" as well as an element in {raQpo'} "passenger".  His
explanation in KGT does seem to cover *both* of the English glosses.  

There are a couple of cases where Okrand's finger slipped a line while he was
hurriedly looking up words in TKD.  When he didn't immediately correct his
mistake, we generally accept it as an idiosyncracy of the language.  This is
apparently another one.

For now, since we do have this nice explanation in KGT, I'll only use {raQ}
wait to see {ruQ} used later in a sentence.


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