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Puns as beginners' words (KLBC)

I just couldn't figure out why the deafening silence every time I brought up Klingon puns (Qujmu'?).

qatlh Qujmu' vIja'DI' tam Hoch?  Dal 'oH'a'?  DaH jIyaj.  qen tlhingan Hol jabbI'IDghom QInmey ngo' vIlab.  cha'ben Qujmu' law'Qu' ja'lu'.  jIjIvDI' qatlh mutammoHbe' vay'?  'ach Qujmu''e' puS ja'be'law'bogh HolQeD po'wI'pu' vItu'pu' jIH-baS, chap, jaw, mIy, muSHa', pob, QeD, waq.  cha'ben (February 1997) chaq wej mu'meyvam puS Sovlu'.

Here's the bit for beginners (like me):  Puns are an amazing mnemonic device and instant vocabulary builder.  Read over the message "Re: Word Origin Speculation II" (/tlhIngan-Hol/1997/Feb97/0136.html) and you'll find you've memorized thirty, forty, fifty words without even trying.  I may be reinventing the wheel, but this could make a brilliant exercise for anyone's /qepHom/.


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