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RE: First Contacts

jatlh T'uvien:

> Hullo, I'm new.  I'm using the alias T'uvien, and I know no Klingon 
> (I haven't even got myself a dictionary yet).  But I needed to do 
> some research on Klingons and found myself in the KLI webpage and 
> from there got facinated with the language so here I am.  (If any 
> of you want to impart your knowledge of the finer points of Klingon 
> culture, go ahead... such information seemed thin on the ground in 
> my city's library!)  Does the dictionary contain information on 
> Klingon grammer?

Welcome to the list, T'uvien. My name is pagh, and I am the current
Beginners' Grammarian for the list. Whenever you have a post you want help
with, mark it for my attention with a KLBC in the subject line.

Try to get hold of a copy of the dictionary. It has an extensive description
of the grammar in addition to a glossary with most of the words we know

*New Zealand* DaDab'a'? jIloy neH.
Do you live in New Zealand? I am just guessing.

Beginners' Grammarian

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