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Re: First Contacts

: Hullo, I'm new.  I'm using the alias T'uvien, and I know no Klingon (I 
: haven't even got myself a dictionary yet).  But I needed to do some
: on Klingons and found myself in the KLI webpage and from there got
: with the language so here I am.  (If any of you want to impart your 
: knowledge of the finer points of Klingon culture, go ahead... such 
: information seemed thin on the ground in my city's library!)  Does the 
: dictionary contain information on Klingon grammer?

Indeed it does.  More than half of the book is grammar, description and a
list of useful expressions for the tourist, the rest being the
English-Klingon and Klingon-English vocabularies.  Make sure to get the
edition, which has an appendix with a bit more grammar and some more
vocabulary.  "The Klingon Dictionary" (TKD for short) was an unfortunate
title as casual browsers assume that it is just a dictionary and not an
introduction to the language.  

"Klingon for the Galactic Traveller" (KGT) is much more descriptive and
anecdotal than TKD, which can be a bit dry.  It also lists the new
vocabulary that Okrand's informant Maltz revealed since TKD was published.

For insights into the Klingon mindset and culture, "The Klingon Way" (TKW)
is invaluable though it has less grammatical content than the other two.  

Another place to go for "official" information about the Klingons is
Paramount's own Star Trek Continuum web site at  If you
look at the library computer (LCARS) there is an entry for the Klingon
Compendium, which includes a Klingon database as well as a section called
Klingon Linguistic Studies which Okrand has supplied some material for. 
Check it out, the site is very nicely done.  If you have a multimedia
computer, use the enhanced interphase for better graphics, authentic Trek
sound effects and to hear Majel Barret as the voice of the computer.

I believe that there is more information about all of Okrand's books,
and CDs on the KLI Merchant Page.  If your library doesn't have them, ask
them to borrow them for you via Interlibrary Loan from another library.
you prefer, you can order them from the KLI online if your local bookstore
doesn't carry them.  They are about $10 (U.S.) each.

Welcome to the list.  If you have any more questions, don't hesitate to
ask.  The people here are very helpful and informative.

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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