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Re: First Contacts

: Hullo, I'm new.  I'm using the alias T'uvien, and I know no Klingon (I
: haven't even got myself a dictionary yet).  But I needed to do some
: on Klingons and found myself in the KLI webpage and from there got
: with the language so here I am.  (If any of you want to impart your
: knowledge of the finer points of Klingon culture, go ahead... such
: information seemed thin on the ground in my city's library!)  Does the
: dictionary contain information on Klingon grammer?

Perhabs this a good occasion to promote my website again :-)

I've compiled a list with most of the sources there are to learn
klingon. Other than that, I have about 50 trefoils, a brief summary of
the history of Star Trek, there's a list with a lot of useful
expresions, information about the qepHom in Völklingen, a list of all
errors in the german edition of TKD, lots of klingon links, and some
information about myself.

'ej DaH tlhIngan Hol vIqeqmeH tlhIngan Hol vIlo':

DaH 'evnagh DaqwIj vIcha' 'e' chaw'lu' 'e' vItul. *levInyuS* 'oH
ponDaj'e'. pa' De' law' tu'lu'. tlhIngan Hol ghojlu'meH De' 'aghbogh
tetlh vIgherta'. Hov leng qun vIQIj. mu'tlheghmey lI'qu' vIcha'.
Volklingen qepHomwIj vIQIj. Hoch *german* Hol mu'ghomDaq lutu'lu'bogh
Qaghmey vIlughmoHta'. latlh tlhIngan Daqmey vIrar. jIH muQIjbogh De' je


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