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RE: toH

> > > Try this on for size: {SaqIH 'ej QaQ 'e'} "I meet you and that is good."
> >
> > No, don't.  The pronoun {'e'} is used as an object, not as a subject.
> >
> > TKD 6.2.5 p. 65:
> > ----------------
> > They are always treated as the object of the verb, and the verb always takes a prefix
> > indicating a third-person singular object.
> Oops! So would just {SaqIH 'ej QaQ} be okay?

We do have some evidence that verbs of quality can be used with unspecified subjects like
this (cf. {Do'Ha'}, {qay'be'}, both from TKD), but it looks ugly to me here.  I think it's
usually better to be more specific about what you mean.  Maybe it's the {QaQ} I'm
uncomfortable with.  I guess I really never thought about what "well met!" meant before.

Also keep in mind that {qIH} can only be used once, the first time you meet someone.
After that, you should use {ghom}.

I believe "well met!" is used a few times in Tolkien.  I keep trying to picture Aragorn
bumping into Gandalf (both as Klingons) in the forest (or wherever), and thinking what
Gandalf would say.  It always comes down to {majQa'}!

-- Holtej 'utlh

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