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Re: toH

jatlh pagh,
>> majSaqIH!
>Wow - you've taken a very good sentence and squished something on the
>beginning of it that doesn't really make sense. <SaqIH> is fine - "I 
>meet you (plural)" (or "I meet y'all" in the southern US). The <maj>
>looks like it's going for something like "Good to meet you.", but it
>work that way. <maj> is an exclamation, so it goes all by itself in a 
>sentence. It can't, as far as we know, be used any other way.

ja' qultoQ: 
> oh, was intended to be 'well met!' which isn't all that common a greeting
> anymore is it?

Try this on for size: {SaqIH 'ej QaQ 'e'} "I meet you and that is good."

ja' pagh je:
> >> SuwamQuch,
> >Another case of squishing stuff together that doesn't make sense. Let 
> >me suggest an alternative:
> >Suwamchu'jaj! 
> ><-chu'> and <-jaj> are both suffixes, and <-jaj> is found in the
> appendix.

qultoQ je:
> afraid im not sure of what /Suwamchu'jaj/ is meant for, /SuwamQuch/ was
> intended for 'happy hunting' as we would say;

It's a wish or toast: "May you hunt well (perfectly)."

P.S. So what made you choose the pheonix as your handle?

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