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Re: Yet another X-Files translation - at least the first part...

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Alan Anderson wrote:
> ja' muHwI':
> >Patrick Masterson schrieb:
> >>...
> >> Does your mom ever mix you up?
> >> (SoSra' bomISmoH'a'?.)
> >You said "Do You confuse Your mothers?"
> No, he correctly asked "Do you (plural) confuse your (plural) mother?"
> Remember that the {-ra'} noun suffix indicates a plural *possessor*.
> It doesn't say anything about the number of the noun it's attached to.
> >{lImISmoH'a' SoSra'} is "Do Your mothers confuse You?", if that's what
> >you wanted to say, perhabs I misunderstand your english sentence...
> You certainly misunderstood his Klingon one. :-)
> >Interesting that you did twist the O-V-S order, but then got the
> >prefixes right (bo-).
> The {bo-} prefix wouldn't have been right if the word order had been
> messed up.  It's perfect for the way the words were actually written.
> -- ghunchu'wI'

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