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nuqDaq Sut je' veqlargh?

>jatlh quljIb:  "Where's veqlargh? I'm going to hurt him for that!"

Oddly enough, I was under the impression that veqlargh was female, but this may be only because Ardra claimed the role in "Devil's Due".  Any other evidence one way or the other?  Were Ardra's claimed incarnations all female or mixed?

>jatlh voragh:  GUM. [qa'ral: do they still call it that?]

Da, GUM (qum suyvaS'a'?) is still GUM and I'm guessing still (at least majority) state-owned, though filled with trendy foreign shops; check out the floor plan at win1251/moscowru/map/gum1640r.html

/Sut/ is of course yet another ancient Klingon word that some smoothheads would call a pun.   Here is my updated list (contributions eagerly solicited):

puns:  batlh, bIghHa', chap, jaw, mIy, mob, Qong, Sut, tIq, toy' 
antonymous puns:  joy', muD, qul
interjectory puns:  bIr, HIq, pIw, yay', yIH, 'Iw, 'oy'
antonymous and interjectory:  'IH 


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